Wallet Address Will Be Finalised and Locked from Change on 28 Oct 11:59 UTC

AENCO Ecosystem
1 min readOct 24, 2018

Dear Aenco Community,

We are announcing that all user wallets will be finalised and locked from change on 28 Oct 11:59 UTC, the same date and time as the end of Aenco’s Token Sale.

The Ethereum Wallet Address you have provided in the profile section of your dashboard at aencoin.com will be the recipient Wallet Address for your AEN Token Distribution. No further changes will be allowed after the captioned date.

Should you have yet to provide your Wallet Address, please also do so before the same said time.

You are fully responsible for providing an accurate, complete, and valid wallet address to us on your dashboard. Aenco shall not take responsibility for your entitled AEN subsequent to distribution day. Do double check today!