StakeChaiin Launches With First ADA Staking Pool on Cardano

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4 min readOct 17, 2022
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London, United Kingdom, 17th October, 2022, Chainwire — Aenco Technologies has announced the launch of its first Cardano (ADA) staking pool for the public on StakeChaiin. The dedicated staking platform has been designed to provide consistent rewards for users in a transparent and cost-competitive manner.

The StakeChaiin platform offers an easy-to-use online engagement portal for both novice and power users. It enables them to stake and/or delegate their digital assets across a growing universe of promising Proof-of-Stake (“PoS”) blockchain networks.

The release of StakeChaiin’s first public Cardano (ADA) staking pool means the community can start delegating the network’s native tokens. In doing so, they will contribute towards securing one the most promising layer 1 blockchains and earn network rewards. The StakeChaiin pool is operated as a network node for the Cardano blockchain and its staking pools can be found here:


Pool ID: e523d0b6e3cdca996ccb1e1668db22bc9bcc576a4fb096bca46f83a9

BECH32 Pool ID: pool1u53apdhreh9fjmxtrctx3kezhjduc4m2f7cfd09yd7p6jkc6k2z

Ticker: [AENS]

About Cardano

Cardano is a third-generation, decentralised PoS blockchain network that powers the Cardano cryptocurrency and other applications. In addition to the Cardano coin, which trades under the symbol ADA, the Cardano network is useful for smart contracts and other distributed applications. There are three organisations that play an important role in the Cardano ecosystem.

The network is maintained by the nonprofit Cardano Foundation, which is responsible for its governance and advancement. EMURGO is one of the founders of Cardano and is deemed the for-profit arm of the network involved in driving its commercial adoption. Blockchain infrastructure firm IOHK is the third partner, providing technology and engineering insights to the network.

Recommended delegation gateways for Cardano:

1) YOROI Wallet — a browser-based wallet developed by EMURGO

2) DAEDALUS — a full-node wallet developed by IOHK

For more information, please visit:

About Aenco Ecosystem

Aenco Ecosystem encompasses Aenco Smartcap Limited, its operating subsidiaries, and its network of ecosystem partners, together forming a blockchain-focused technology and capital fulfilment group (“Aenco”). Aenco’s business activities channel technological and financial resources into the global drive towards the next iteration of the Internet; i.e. a more open, decentralised, and community-powered Web 3.0.

Through a combination of in-house development and management of blockchain infrastructure at Aenco Technologies, Aenco is securing and validating transactions on scalable protocols. It is also working with industry partners in bringing applications, custody, digital services, financial products, and use cases for blockchain and digital assets to the community.

Aenco is on a mission to blend the activities of securing the most promising blockchain networks, together with innovating digital-first financial products and distribution methods backed by rewards of its blockchain infrastructure. Work with us to create a perpetual ecosystem of technology and capital fulfilment, powering core technologies for a more resilient, equitable, and inclusive future!

Important Information

The Aenco Ecosystem encompasses legal entities operated by Aenco Smartcap Limited, Aenco Technologies Limited, and/or its affiliates, as well as third-party ecosystem and commercialization partners. Different services and products referenced or made available throughout the ecosystem may have different constraints or restrictions in terms of jurisdictions, clientele, and/or community members in which such services and products may be made available or applicable to. Therefore, certain services and products may not be available to nationals or residents of your jurisdiction, or may not be available to specific types of individuals, whereby details are provided on specific product platforms. Aenco also adheres to international anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing laws and guidelines, and works with relevant authorities and/or regulations to promote a safe and healthy business environment.

The contents of this announcement / article / email are for informational purposes only. Any information in this writing is not legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing in this writing constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by Aenco or any of its ecosystem partners, or any third-party service provider to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments in this or in any other jurisdiction in which such solicitation or offer would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy

Aenco and/or its affiliates and ecosystem partners strive to safeguard and keep confidential any information relating to our private clients, users, or their financial situations.



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