Mr. Joe Blackburn of “Crypto Coin Trader” — Joins Aenco Advisory Board!

AENCO Ecosystem
2 min readSep 27, 2018


Mr. Blackburn is the Chief Executive Officer of Crypto Coin Trader, a hugely successful website as well as one of the largest and most vibrant online Facebook cryptocurrency communities with over 116,000 members. He brings a rich array of experience in the blockchain and crypto currency sector, and as a popular online influencer, contributes significantly in bolstering Aenco’s online and global presence.

Aenco foresees that Mr. Blackburn’s passion and strengths as a dynamic spokesman for transformative potential of distributed ledger technology, will assist Aenco in continuing to foster a positive token economy as well as impactful development of practical and customizable real-life business applications.

We look forward to working closely with Mr. Blackburn across multiple facets of Aenco’s projects and believe that he and his community will be an invaluable asset towards spring-boarding the Aenco Blockchain towards global adoption!

Welcome Joe! Shout out to CCT and the Aenco community. Visit today!

Mr. Blackburn recently spoke to Aenco’s co-founder, Darren Lui, and CTO, Geoffrey Tipton in Hong Kong. They discussed the origins of Aenco and AEN, its purpose, and where it’s going. Take a look at the interview here:

For more information about Joe Blackburn and Crypto Coin Traders, visit their website, the Facebook pages and CCT on Youtube: