Important Announcement: AEN Will Be Listed on LATOKEN

AENCO Ecosystem
2 min readAug 1, 2018

Today, we are bringing the Aenco community a great news: It is confirmed that our token sale is listed on LATOKEN. You can buy AEN and get up to 50% bonus at:
More than that, after our token sale ends, our token AEN will also be listed on LATOKEN.

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens with over 90 crypto pairs available for trading and over 70,000 of active traders. Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected tokens sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages.

We are excited about getting our token listed on a platform which is decidated in providing high quality crypto trading services at low trading and withdrawal fees. We believe the Aenco community will enjoy the trading experience on LATOKEN, and LATOKEN will facilitate ongoing liquidity for AEN.

Register and get pass KYC on LATOKEN:

Step 1 — Input your email and password, and check “I’m not a robot”.

Step 2 — Understand the privacy notice and scroll to the bottom, check “I agree with Privacy Policy”, and click “Confirm”.

Step 3 — Go to your registered email account to verify your email

Step 4 — Apply for verification in the Account section in your wallet in the upper right corner

Step 5 — Click “APPLY” at Tier 1.

Step 6 — Input your name, phone number, gender, date of birth and citizenship. Click “SEND CODE” and then key in the “APP CODE”. Click “Apply for verification”.

Step 7 — Click “APPLY” at Tier 2.

Step 8

•Fill in residential address

•Attach identification document (Passport OR Identity card OR Driver’s License)

•Attach your selfie holding a note containing handwritten words of LATOKEN and today’s date

•Attach a proof of residence — Utility Bills (No mobile phone bill) OR Bank Statement OR Official Government Letter