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SIGN UP at by clicking “SIGN UP” found top right of the header menu.


  • REGISTER your Name and Email; SETUP a Password and maintain it in safekeeping. Please do not share your own password with others.
    If you are able to provide an indication of your expected contribution (in BTC or ETH), please provide where indicated; else you can leave the field blank as well.
  • If you have a promotional code, please enter where indicated.
  • Carefully READ the clauses on retention of personal data and check the provided box.
  • READ the clauses on direct marketing activities and please opt to agree or disagree by checking the respective box.
  • CLICK “Register” when you are ready to do so.


  • Upon clicking “Register”, you shall receive a confirmation email at the registered email address you provided.
  • Be sure to check your “Spam” folder if you do not see such an email shortly.
  • In the email, a VERIFICATION CODE is provided to you. Either: (i) Follow the onscreen instruction in the email to verify your email; OR (ii) Copy and paste the verification code into the indicated box as shown below.
  • CLICK “Verify”.
  • If you do not receive a verification code via email, you may request to “Re-Send the Verification Code”.


  • After successfully verifying your email, you will be able to access your online “Dashboard” as seen here. You may also be able to exit the site and login again using your registered details at another time should you choose.
  • Please READ the Subscription Procedure as well as the important information in relation to requested “Know- your-client” (KYC) documents in the table at the bottom of the Dashboard page.
  • To VERIFY your identification and UPLOAD requested documentation, please CLICK either the (i) “Verify KYC” button at the top left of the page; OR (ii) “Buy — Verify KYC first” button as shown.


  • COMPLETE the Identity Verification Form — please ensure all details are true and accurate.
  • UPLOAD your valid Government issued Passport for ID verification and a valid Proof of Address in the form of either a bank statement or utility bill issued to you within the last 3 months, or a driver’s license depicting your address (**Note: Your uploaded documents must be at least 400 KB in size)
  • If you are a resident of Hong Kong, you may present your HKID instead of a passport, but you are further required to upload your Proof of Wealth (one or consolidated statements indicating liquid assets under your name equal to or in excess of HK$8,000,000; Real estate is excluded).
  • CLICK “Submit KYC Form” when completed.


  • Upon submitting your KYC form, the status of your purchase on your Dashboard shall indicate “Pending” and your KYC is being processed.
  • Typically, your documents shall be processed and verified within 48 hours if there are no issues to highlight.
  • Our team may contact you separately by email if we require you to supplement more information or if resubmission may be requested due to the validity and/or clarity of provided documents. Please CHECK your registered email!


Once VERIFIED you shall receive a email notifying you of your status change and this will also be indicated on your Dashboard as seen here. You will now be eligible to proceed and purchase AEN by CLICKING “Buy Now”!


  • You can proceed to purchase AEN by SELECTING “COIN PAYMENT” and you shall be directed to their payment gateway with onscreen instructions.
  • We shall also be working hard to enable additional payment options to make your purchase procedure as convenient and seamless as possible.


  • ENTER the number of AEN tokens you wish to purchase based on your desired contribution amount to our project.
  • Note that 1 AEN token is priced at USD$0.1 throughout all stages of the token sale (but with varying bonus schemes based on time and amount of contribution; See our website and Token Economy Paper for details).
  • CLICK “Preview”.

STEP 10:

  • The preview will indicate the corresponding amount of accepted digital assets based on your AEN purchase amount.
  • CLICK “Pay Now” to proceed.

STEP 11:

  • The next step allows you CONFIRM your purchase in AEN tokens.
  • CLICK “Purchase Now” to proceed to checkout.

STEP 12:

  • SELECT either BTC or ETH to settle your contribution; The required amount based on your indicated AEN purchase amount is also provided here.
  • Ensure the inputted details of your email and name correspond to your registration details.
  • CLICK “Complete Checkout” when you are ready.

STEP 13:

  • A unique destination wallet address is generated for your purchase (SCREENSHOT HERE IS FOR EXAMPLE ONLY! WALLET ADDRESS IS NOT VALID!).
  • Please send your contribution to the designated address within 24 hours from checking out to have your purchase successfully processed.
  • ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** Please be sure you send only BTC to a designated BTC address OR ETH to a designated ETH address else you incur the risk of losing digital assets!
  • Our payment gateway will associate your contribution to your registered account once the transaction is complete.

STEP 14:

  • Once the transaction is complete, you will be able to track your purchased AEN in the “AEN Purchase Log” as shown below.
  • At present, we are further upgrading our systems to have your AEN allocation depicted in entirety on your dashboard, reflecting all bonus scheme allocations based on your time and amount of contribution, as well as other eligible bonuses such as referral bonuses and allocated free tokens for KYC submission and verification.

STEP 15: REFER a friend! USE your referral link to successfully refer a friend to purchase AEN and EARN an additional 5% in bonus tokens!

  • Your referral link can be found as shown below. Be sure to let your referees know!
  • Be sure to check back at often for announcements and latest developments to Aenco Solutions!


For inquiries please contact

Updated: 22 July 2018