Exchange Listing on Coinmake

We are excited to announce that our utility token, AEN, will be listed on Coinmake, a fast developing exchange!
Please see the following details below:
● Open to deposits: 28th Nov 2018, 15:00 HKT (UTC+8)
● Open for trading: 29th Nov 2018, 15:00 HKT (UTC+8)
● BTC pairs

ABOUT Coinmake

Coinmake is a cryptocurrency exchange platform of CONBI PTE. LTD. in Singapore, It is a leading digital asset trading platform that provides global digital currency trading services such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. With independent research and development liquid matching engine, it can be expanded infinitely, supporting hundreds of millions of concurrent requests; support multi-signature wallet, hot and cold wallet, safe and reliable; top security wind control system, professional distributed architecture and anti-DDOS attack system.

  1. Turnover: $0.5m+ daily turnovers
  2. Registered traders: More than 40,000 registered traders
  3. Crypto pairs: 17+ crypto pairs available for trading

Warm regards,
The Aenco Team

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Twitter : @Coinmake_

Facebook : CoinmakeOfficial

QQ group 1:484886406; QQ group 2:820833735

WeChat : Coinmake



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