Aenco X-files: What is Personalised Tokenization?

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3 min readMar 8, 2021

Hi Aenco Community,

Welcome back to our X-files!

Have you thought of tokenizing yourself on blockchain? Do you know how is that possible? In this episode, we will take a look on the fun facts on personalized tokenization.

Human IPO

As we all know, there are often times private companies launching their initial public offerings (IPOs), to offer their shares to the public during a new stock issuance. It is a common way for corporations to raise capital from investors. Here comes an intriguing idea to raise capital for a human through tokenization, and sharing the rights of the public investors to utilize the time or service of the tokenized human.

Speaking of one of its first initiations, Spankchain founder Ameen Soleimani launched a token offering people the rights to redeem for his Twitter retweets. While it might be a fun concept, at the same time providing a self-explanatory utility, it is reiterated that this should not be regarded as an investment

Support Aspiring Individuals

After having prolific individuals initiating personal tokenization, some youngsters started similar projects on their own. One of the most famous examples is $ALEX launched by Alex Masmej, a youngster who wanted to experiment with the idea back in 2020. By tokenizing himself, he raised $20,000 on Ethereum.

Quoting from Alex Masmej,

“The reason why I chose crypto is that it has a very low barrier to entry, unlike AI or 3D printing startups. I tokenized myself and asked people to vote for my habits to get some attention as I wanted to do something in a light, funny, and innovative way to raise funds. It’s a great way to know your audience, engage them and trigger the discussion. I know this can’t become a $1 billion company, but it was a fun experience, and my token went up.”

By investing in $ALEX, the public investors are granted with rights to decide some of his life decisions. But after all, many investors stated that their main purpose in participating in the IPO, would be supporting the youngster in an innovative way, and they are not treating this as a serious investment choice.

Closing Thoughts
Blockchain and Tokenization allow us to cultivate our imaginations and many seemingly impossible ideas can happen in the crypto-sphere! What do you think about personal tokenization? Would you invest in any of these kinds of projects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! You are also much welcomed to explore more on our AEN Exchange platform: Multiple recurring promotions are available for your trading with us. Join to maximize your benefits (and joy)!


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