Latest Updates on AEN Exchange (AENX) — December 2019

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3 min readDec 19, 2019

Warmest greeting to our beloved Aenco Communities!

🎅🏽Christmas is right around the corner! As we celebrate this heartwarming festival, we are eager to share with you the progress of AEN Exchange, our in-house developed digital asset trading platform.

AEN Exchange (AENX) in Short

Led by our Chief Technology Officer, Geoffrey Tipton🎅🏽, we are working arduously on the AEN exchange (AENX), an in-house developed digital asset trading platform. What makes our platform different is that we devoted a lot of time in making sure that we could fully adopt a Distributed System Architecture,

To ensure high-quality performance and efficiency, AENX adopts what we called a Distributed System Architecture. Rather than being abruptly stopped or disrupted, a fault-tolerant design enables our system to continue to function in a hostile environment. This thereby ensures high availability and system security” noted Issac Cheung, our Senior Developer.

The AENX Development Team is also actively utilizing global effort in data-migration, where a new updated system for the exchange will further ensure non-stop services provision. This also explains why we implemented the AENX Tester Programme, where community members are invited to register for an account to try our work-in-progress.

AENX Tester Programme 2019 — Overwhelming Enthusiasm in Round One

Since November 2019, our Global Developer Team has been reviewing and polishing AEN exchange (AENX) alongside our enthusiastic community members. To our surprise, our communities love the idea and have been proactively assisting our coders in bug-catching and fixing technical display issues, enhancing the overall user experience setups.

Interestingly, as we were reviewing applications from our communities within two weeks after our announcement last month, we received twice as many applications as the expected quota for AENX Testers Programme. Indisputably, the growing interest from our community to be part of the company’s pipeline projects motivates Aenco to consider the possibility of involving more community members in the development of Aenco products.

How we Introduce AENX to new members

Last but not least, we are looking to start our promotion of AENX soon — and we came up with the following points to summarize AENX:

¤ Fast, reliable, & secure crypto trading platform
¤ Secure & persistent transaction data stored in Blockchain
¤ Sufficient API for interacting with exchanges
¤ Quick processing for depositing & withdrawing a variety of crypto
¤ Advanced & user-friendly interface with user customization
¤ Supports a variety of devices with responsive UI design
¤ Supports a range of payment method
¤ Supports different kinds of cryptro exchanges
¤ Instant price reaction with low latency
¤ Backup functionalities for transaction data

🎄On behalf of the AENX Team, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!🎄