Aenco Community Update — Jan 2019

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4 min readFeb 1, 2019

Happy Chinese New Year from the Aenco Team! We wish you all health , wealth, and happiness in the year of Pig!

Ever since the successful completion of Aenco’s token sale, we have been working hard and making meaningful progress along our promised roadmap. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you what we have been working on so far.

In this update

AEN Connect wallet

We have a blockchain network, we have our own tokens, we even have the facilities to manage, maintain, and grow the network. These services mean little without a view in to the network.

We’ve created a multichain web wallet, which can also compile as a desktop and mobile app allowing for the management of AEN Coins, Ethereum wallets, Bitcoin wallets, and ERC20 contracts with delivering a clean and simple user experience being the number one development priority.

With this in mind, security is our top priority and thus, we have created a set of simplified controls where a user chooses a security level that controls the amount of information stored. Fine grained control is granted to the user.

Reliability is key: Our wallet polls for best gateways to use and can even update it’s list of gateways to use seamlessly during operation. Additionally, it allows for the importing and exporting of wallets in both plain and encoded format.


Let us introduce our in-house developed exchange trading platform for major cryptocurrencies, AEN token, and our HealthTech partner tokens!

It will be in testing release stage by Q1 and we plan to invite some of our community members to try out and experience our Trading platform.

We aim to have high throughput, secure, and reliable real time cross-asset crypto-currency trading platform. Our alpha version of the web, desktop, and mobile based application will be released with features below:

i) 24 hours low latency trading experience in a stable and secure environment supported by user friendly application.

ii) An informative dashboard, where each user can have detailed information about their records as well as the broader market activity.

iii) An advanced control and admin panel for our administrators to manage background systems. We also provide high scalability and no downtime deployment services, so that services will not stop even when our system is upgrading or under maintenance.

iv) An easy to use token depositing and withdrawal function for investors via AEN connect.

Aenco Blockchain

We are making huge progress in the mainnet and will be opened for public testing to enable the launch of the Aenco private blockchain, a distributed network based on NEM2 technology, which we plan on having to support and carry many services, among which includes supporting medical research collaboration.

We are proud to announce we have a stable, self healing, and secure network that crosses many borders; and is currently approaching 200,000 mined blocks without a single fault.

Whilst creating and testing this network, we also created a comprehensive host of supporting services (which we will try to contribute back to the community where applicable) to help manage, inspect, and maintain every aspect of the network to the degree that, from our end, we use automated workflows and single line commands that enable the network to scale up to whatever size we require.

Everyday, we are progressing in leaps and bounds, aiming to have a network and set of tools you can rely upon for your “needs” very soon; this is not something we’re going to rush, we know just how important medical research is for the world and plan on getting as much as we can right from the start.

For people who want to participate in the network (as a resource) we’ve made the system in such a way where, once you’ve been through the KYC process, you’d only need to copy and paste a single command from your dashboard in to the terminal, taking the complexity out of your way. Similarly, if you’ll be running the app version of our wallet, integration and control will be built right into the interface!


We are very excited to inform you that AEN is officially listed in CMC.

You can check our token price, markets and trading volume there!

The Exchange Situation

We are listed in Idax, Latoken and Coinmake. Landing on these high quality exchanges will be a significant milestone for Aenco, paving the way in making our services and token accessible for the global community. We expect to be listed on more high quality exchanges in the near future!

i) IDAX — Top 10 in crypto daily trading volume worldwide
More details

ii) LATOKEN — Top 30 in crypto daily trading volume worldwide
More details

iii) COINMAKE — A fast developing exchange
More details

Milestone — Afiliated company Aptorum listed on Nasdaq in Dec 2018

We are very pleased to inform you that Aptorum Group (“Aptorum”), a Hong Kong-based biopharmaceutical company, and close affiliate of Aenco, has been listed on Nasdaq since the 18th December 2018 EST, Nasdaq ticker “APM”.
Aptorum Group is a HK based biopharmaceutical platform focused on unmet needs therapeutics for MRSA, Gram+ bacteria, Alzheimer’s Disease diagnostics. We look forward to hearing more milestones from and future partnership with the Group.

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