Aenco Co-founder Darren Lui Will Be Speaking at BLOCONOMIC SUMMIT Kuala Lumpur 2018

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1 min readAug 13, 2018
Aenco’s Co-Founder, Darren Lui, is making his speech at BLOCONOMIC 2018.

Aenco is joining BLOCONOMIC 2018, the Blockchain Economic Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on August 16 and 17. It is a global blockchain conference expecting to draw thousands of attendees from over 30 countries, with representatives from different components of Blockchain economy, including government, blockchain technology companies, cryptocurrency and digital asset related companies, fintech companies, and etc.

Our Co-Founder, Darren Lui, is on the speaker list and will share our thoughts on “Incubate The Next Unicorn With HealthTech, New Finance and Blockchain Solution Platform”.

Come to visit our exhibit booth at BLOCONOMIC on 16–17 Aug, at Connexion Conference & Event Centre, Bangsar South, by registering for a ticket here now »

Aenco 将参于第一届区块链经济峰会(Bloconomic)2018,这是一项全球区块链盛会,预计将吸引来自30多个国家数千名宾客参与,宾客主要来自区块链经济不同部分的代表,包括政府、区块链技术公司、加密货币与电子资产相关的公司,金融科技公司等。我们的联合创始人雷宏业将会发表演讲,討論一下「如何利用新金融、医疗科技和区块链服务方案平台,打造下一只独角兽!」

欢迎您于8月16至17日,莅临孟沙南城 Connexion Conference & Event Center 参观我们的 BLOCONOMIC 展位。查看详情及预留门票 »

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