Aenco Blockchain Taps Into The Largely Untouched Healthtech Market

AENCO Ecosystem
2 min readAug 22, 2018

Thank you NewsBTC for featuring Aenco and share with the readers more on our project and focus.

When major tech-related industries have undergone massive disruptions, the healthcare and medical technology industry has remained largely untouched. Aenco blockchain taps into the largely untouched healthtech market to introduce a number of deep-tech solutions.

Investors have to keep their head on a swivel all the time nowadays. Innovative and disruptive technologies are finding their way into a variety of new industries and nobody wants to miss the next Facebook, AirBnB, or Google to invest in.

Check out the article “3 Reasons Why Investors Should Keep An Eye on Aenco, a Financial Solutions Ecosystem for HealthTech” published in NewsBTC to know more about us!

感谢 NewsBTC 为与读者分享了有关 Aenco 的项目和重点的信息。

在大部分科技相关行业遭受打击的同时,医疗保健和医疗科技行业却没有受到很大的影响。Aenco 区块链成功打入未受影响的健康科技市场,并引入一系列深度技术解决方案。

现在,投资者必须时刻留意市场动态。创新和颠覆性技术正在进入各种新兴行业,没有人想错过投资下一个 Facebook、AirBnB 或 Google 的机会。

点击链结,看看在 NewsBTC 上有关「投资者为什么要关注 Aenco 这个医疗科技的金融解决方案生态系统」一文,来作更深入的了解 。

About Aenco Solutions Limited
Aenco consists of a team with strong corporate management experience from global investment banks and financial institutions, as well as blockchain technologists and enthusiasts. Aenco is the world’s first blockchain-based healthcare technology financial solutions platform, connecting its ecosystem with the wider healthcare technology community.