Aenco Blockchain Position Paper is released!

AENCO Ecosystem
1 min readJul 24, 2018

Aenco is excited to announce the planned launch of our blockchain — Aenco Blockchain — targeted towards supporting real life, customisable business applications, in particular to revolutionise emerging sectors such as digital financing sectors and health-tech sectors.

Aenco Blockchain will support the Aenco Financial Solutions Platforms and will be opened to wide variety of businesses, including but not limited to financial and health-tech projects, to develop multi-dimensional mining and leasing models, API gateways for businesses to ease execution and development as well as robust transaction speed and novel algorithms to implement data decay principles.

Check out our Position Paper at:

As the Pre-sale is going live in 3 days, we are going to share more exciting news with our community. Stay tuned!

About Aenco Solutions Limited
Aenco consists of a team with strong corporate management experience from global investment banks and financial institutions, as well as blockchain technologists and enthusiasts. Aenco is the world’s first blockchain-based healthcare technology financial solutions platform, connecting its ecosystem with the wider healthcare technology community.

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